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We support those who are suffering from loss.

Red Bird Ministries

About Us

Red Bird Ministries is a Catholic grief support non-profit ministry serving individuals and couples who have lost someone they love, with special attention for those who have experienced the loss of a child from pregnancy through adulthood, and those who have lost a spouse or parent.

Why should you join our community?

Have you ever witnessed how certain types of birds fly together? They tend to stick with their own kind; you don’t typically see one kind of bird grouping up and flying together with another kind. Flocking together allows birds to use less energy when they fly. Each bird flies in the wake of another, which reduces the wind resistance for the ones in the back. Our Red Bird community works the same way. We bring together birds that have the same kind of feathers so that birds congregate with birds of their own suffering.

How are we Unique

Red Bird Ministries is the only ministry that systematically guides individuals and couples through the complexity and drama that happens with a loss. We help families to explore the 4 ways that grief can affect you and those you love: relationally, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually.

Our Network Includes

  1. Exclusive Red Bird Ministries Private Community separated by flocks of loss 

    • Similar to private FaceBook Groups but on a private undistracted network

  2. Monthly Online Support Groups with tribes of loss breakouts

  3. Events: Webinars/Workshops/Speaker Series

  4. Video Grief Courses Curriculum by experts and couples/individuals of loss 

  5. Mini-Course/Speaking Series with exceptional resource content

  6. Articles/eBooks/Guest Contributors to help you journey through loss

  7. Prayer Plans with journaling prompts

  8. Compassionate discussions and support

  9. Opportunity to ask for advice from other flock members

  10. Insights and practical help


In flesh resources

In flesh resources can be purchased by a church parish or diocese to enhance existing support groups or to populate new support groups. These resources carry the imprimatur and are approved by the Church. 

These resources can also be requested with training by founders to implement into your diocese or parish.

  • In flesh support group model with leaders manual and participant journal.

  • The  support group model can enhance an existence support group or populate a new support group in a parish or a diocese.

  • In flesh grieving couples workshop model with leaders manual and participant journal.

  • The grieving couples workshop model can enhance an existence support group or populate a new support group in a parish or a diocese.

    For more information or to implement these resources in. your parish or diocese please visit our website.

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